About Us

We commit to setting the standard in health care excellence, promoting high-quality care and outstanding value for all our members.

Viva Team Members

Managed Care Expertise

Viva Health, Inc. is a health maintenance organization providing quality, accessible health care. Viva Health Administration, L.L.C., is its sister company offering third party administration (TPA) services. Managed by professionals with years in the health care industry, Viva Health is also part of the renowned University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB) Health System. All individuals and organizations connected with Viva Health work hard to simplify and improve health care through a network that includes many of the most respected physicians and hospital providers in the market.


Joining Viva Health links you to a community that spans the state of Alabama. Currently one of the fastest growing managed care companies in Alabama, we have partnered with a large number of employer groups representing a variety of industries. Each month we add new health care providers to our expanding network.

Continuum of Care

Viva Health's extensive provider network offers a continuum of care that covers everything from routine office visits, emergencies, and major and minor care to adult, obstetrical, and pediatric care. Viva Health has the full backing of the UAB Health System, a world leader in quaternary and tertiary health care services. This allows Viva Health to deliver a broad scope of care.

Extensive Provider Network

Viva Health's growing provider network includes many of the finest physicians and hospitals in communities throughout the state. Our Primary Care Physicians guide members to the most effective health care options available. Since physicians are pivotal in the delivery of excellent health care, we strive to make Viva Health a provider-friendly organization. We give health care professionals who are part of our provider network a voice in how Viva Health is managed through our Utilization Review/Quality Improvement, Credentialing, and Pharmacy and Therapeutic Committees. Their valuable suggestions and comments are always welcome and serve as a check and balance, ensuring that we never waver from our commitment to provide quality health care.

Along with physicians and hospitals, the Viva Health provider network includes durable medical equipment providers, home health agencies, skilled nursing facilities, urgent care clinics, pharmacies and a wide variety of other providers and vendors that provide a complete range of health care services.